RPL Pre-Recorded Interviews from 2023 International Convention

The Mars Society invites you to a special pre-recorded episode of its Red Planet Live (RPL) video podcast with host Ashton Zeth interviewing a number of speakers from the recent 26th Annual International Mars Society Convention at Arizona State University (Tempe). With Ashton serving as a senior volunteer during the Arizona conference October 5-8, a decision was made to schedule a series of brief recorded interviews with plenary and track talk speakers for the October show for streaming beginning Tuesday,… READ MORE >

Mars Society Convention Begins in One Month at ASU – Register Online Today

The Mars Society will officially open its 26th annual international convention one month from today on the picturesque Arizona State University campus in Tempe October 5-8, serving once again as the world’s largest multi-day forum on Mars exploration, planning for human settlement, and cutting-edge topics related to space exploration, science, and technology. As always, the four-day Mars Society conference will convene a wide range of scientists, engineers, aerospace executives, government policymakers, analog astronauts, and space advocates to discuss and analyze… READ MORE >

Mongolian MarsV Delegation to Address Mars Society Convention Banquet

The Mars Society is pleased to announce that a 10-person delegation from a leading Mongolian space advocacy group called MarsV will attend this year’s Saturday evening banquet (October 22nd) at the 25th Annual International Mars Society Convention at Arizona State University in Tempe. Led by Erdenebold Sukhbaatar, a 39-year-old graduate of Harvard Law, former Mongolian military officer, and author-translator, MarsV is a highly influential organization with some three thousand members, including corporate and bank presidents, prominent cultural figures, political party… READ MORE >

One Month (!) until 2022 Int’l Mars Society Convention at ASU

As the world’s largest space advocacy group dedicated to humans-to-Mars, the Mars Society has been bringing together for years leading scientists, commercial space executives, and government policymakers to discuss the latest news about exploring Mars and plans for a human mission to the Red Planet, as well as topics involving space exploration, science, and technology. For the last two years, due to the pandemic, the organization’s international conference has been virtual only, resulting in a significant online audience. This year,… READ MORE >