Red Planet Live to Welcome Top-Level NASA Mars Panel on July 2nd

The Mars Society is very pleased to announce that a distinguished three-person NASA panel will join the Red Planet Live (RPL) podcast on Tuesday, July 2nd at 5:00 pm PT / 8:00 pm ET. This expert team will delve into topics including Mars exploration, strategies for sample returns from the Red Planet, and the architecture supporting Moon to Mars missions.

Hosted by Ashton Zeth, this first podcast episode of July will mark the beginning of RPL’s new twice-a-month format (airing on the first and third Tuesday of every month at 5:00 pm PT). The featured speakers are:

Nujoud Merancy: Deputy Associate Administrator, Strategy and Architecture Office (SAO), in the Exploration Systems Development Mission Directorate (ESDMD) for NASA Headquarters. Based at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Ms. Merancy guides the technical aspects of exploration architectures, overseeing the annual Architecture Concept Review cycle to refine NASA’s efforts in returning astronauts to the Moon, establishing a lunar presence, and landing humans on Mars.

Eric Ianson: Deputy Director, Planetary Science Division, and Director, Mars Exploration Program and Radioisotope Power Systems Program at NASA Headquarters. Mr. Ianson supports the exploration of the solar system, including missions and research of planets, moons, and small bodies. He also leads the Mars Exploration Program and the Radioisotope Power Systems Program.

Dr. Lindsay Hays: Program Scientist in the Planetary Science Division at NASA Headquarters and Deputy Program Scientist for the Mars Sample Return Mission. Dr. Hays is also the Deputy Program Scientist for the Astrobiology Program and the lead Program Officer for the Exobiology and Habitable Worlds research program.

“We are excited to offer our RPL audience the opportunity to ask questions about NASA’s broad Mars & Moon exploration program with this senior group of scientists and engineers. It’s a fantastic way to kick off our new podcast format of twice-a-month episodes,” said Michael Stoltz, RPL Executive Producer.

Join the 60-minute RPL podcast (free of charge) and have the opportunity to submit questions to participating guests. To sign up for the upcoming July 2nd live broadcast, please click here. If you’re not able to watch the show on that date, all episodes will be posted on the Mars Society’s YouTube page (immediately after the show) and also added to Spotify, Amazon, Apple, and RSS newsfeed in the days following the program.