Ashton Zeth Takes on Expanded Role with the Mars Society

The Mars Society is thrilled to announce that Ashton Zeth, the dynamic host of our successful Red Planet Live (RPL) podcast, has been appointed the new Director of the Mars Society Ambassador program.

Initially launched in 2020 by veteran space advocate, public speaker, and author James Melton, the program is a professional team of volunteer advocates from around the globe. Their mission is to elevate public awareness and support for landing human explorers on Mars within a decade, eventually leading to the settlement of the Red Planet. With Ashton stepping into this leadership role, James will be passing the baton after years of inspiring leadership, but will remain active within the Mars Society and the ambassador program.

“I’m extremely excited to begin my new role as Director of the Mars Society’s Ambassador program. James’s dedication has set a high bar, and I’m eager to lead our incredible global team of Ambassadors in their mission to raise public consciousness about Mars and the significance of establishing a human presence there,” Ashton remarked.

For more details on how to get involved in the Mars Society Ambassador program, please click here.

Ashton will also continue to host RPL, where she will welcome esteemed guests to the show’s twice-a-month broadcasts on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 5pm PT. The upcoming episode on July 2nd will feature a distinguished panel of NASA scientists discussing Mars exploration, plans for Mars sample return, and Moon-to-Mars architecture.