gravityLab’s Grant Bonin to Discuss Artificial Gravity Satellites at Mars Society Convention

Grant Bonin, Co-Founder and CEO of gravityLab, a Seattle-based company specializing in artificial gravity satellites for research and manufacturing in low Earth orbit by government, academia, and commercial businesses, will give a plenary talk at the 27th Annual International Mars Society Convention. The event is scheduled for August 8-11 at the University of Washington (Seattle).

Mr. Bonin is an aerospace engineer with expertise in space mission design, spacecraft systems engineering, project management, and business development. He has contributed to over 50 space missions, all with a 100% success rate.

Before co-founding gravityLab, Mr. Bonin was the first employee of Rocket Lab’s Space Systems division, which now accounts for approximately two-thirds of the company’s revenue and sales. At Rocket Lab, he was responsible for the first Photon pathfinder mission (“First Light”, launched in August 2020), served as the technical lead for the CAPSTONE lunar mission proposal (successfully launched to the Moon in July 2022), and initiated Rocket Lab’s first corporate acquisition (Sinclair Interplanetary).

He also served as SVP of Business Development at Spaceflight, where he led the creation of several new products and services, including Sherpa-LTE (the world’s first all-electric orbital transfer vehicle, launched in June 2021) and GEO Pathfinder, which will use a lunar flyby to access a geostationary orbit for the first time at this scale.

For more information about the Mars Society convention in Seattle, including registration details and volunteer and sponsorship opportunities, please click here. Special ticket rates are available for seniors and students.