RPL Panel Discussion with Members of Space-Science Media

Join us for an engaging panel discussion featuring two members of the space-science media, Ling Xin and Laura Forczyk. Tune in for the next episode of Red Planet Live on Tuesday, May 21st at 5:00 pm PT / 8:00 pm ET to be part of this exciting opportunity to explore space exploration, lunar missions, and more! 

Ling Xin, originally from Beijing and now based in Ohio, is a science journalist known for her coverage of space, astronomy, and physics. With contributions to publications such as the South China Morning Post, Scientific American, Science, Physics World, Nature, and others, she brings complex scientific concepts to life for readers around the world.

Laura Forczyk, an experienced space analyst, is a familiar face on various national and global news outlets, including CNN, Bloomberg, New York Times, CNBC, The Guardian, BBC, and Politico. Alongside her media appearances, she brings a wealth of experience as a space scientist, author, coach, and small business owner.

To register online for the upcoming RPL broadcast, which would allow you to submit questions in real-time to our panelists, please click here.

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