Sign Up for the 3rd Annual Mission to Mars Engineering Design Competition for High School Students!

The Mars Society is thrilled to announce the launch of the Third Annual International Mission to Mars Engineering Design Competition for high school students aged 13-19 worldwide. Students are invited to register online for this exciting exploratory design challenge.

Inspired by engineering design courses at leading universities, the virtual program will feature morning and afternoon sessions (Monday-Friday) from June 3rd to July 12th, 2024. Participants will engage in lectures led by prominent scientists and engineers from NASA, the aerospace industry, and academia.

Participants will be challenged to design a Mars surface mission lasting up to 18 months. This involves creating a habitat, surface vehicles, scientific instruments, power systems, crew composition, mission location, scientific objectives, rations, duration, and exploration plan. Key considerations include Science, Engineering, and Human Operational Challenges.

Building on the success of previous summers’ programs, which attracted over 100 students worldwide, the Mars Society aims to pioneer a new, creative approach to teaching science and engineering at the high school level.

To learn more about the 2024 Mission to Mars competition and the application process, please click here. The deadline for students applying is Saturday, May 25th (5:00 pm PT). For inquiries, please contact Nicole at nicolew@marssociety.org.