Red Planet Creativity: Join Our 2024 Poster Contest!

The Mars Society is hosting its annual poster design contest, and we want YOU to join in! If you’ve got a knack for creativity, graphic work, and love of Mars and space exploration, this is your chance to shine.

The winning design will be used as the primary promotional graphic for our 27th Annual International Mars Society Convention (August 8-11, 2024) at the University of Washington (Seattle).

This year’s convention theme, “The Road to Mars,” centers on the tangible progress in human efforts to journey to, explore, and ultimately settle the planet Mars. It’s an exciting reality that we’re actively contributing to. With numerous avenues for reaching our destination, we’re deeply engaged in shaping the path forward.

To enter, just put together a poster design that captures this theme and send it to us no later than Wednesday, May 15th (5:00 pm MT) at: postercontest@marssociety.org. Questions about the contest can also be submitted to this address.

Technical requirements for the contest artwork are as follows: 1) The poster size should be 11″ x 17″, 2) There are no restrictions with regard to use of color, 3) If your poster is selected, the designer will need to submit a full color poster as well as a gray-scale copy, and 4) Poster designs can be submitted in Photoshop or as a .pdf file (the former is preferred).

The Mars Society will announce the winning poster design during the week of May 20th. Can’t wait to see your out-of-this world creations, and good luck!