Voyager Space CEO Dylan Taylor to Discuss Future of Space Industry at Mars Society Convention

The Mars Society is pleased to announce that Dylan Taylor, Chairman & CEO of Voyager Space, a multi-national space holding firm that acquires and integrates leading space exploration enterprises globally, will give a plenary talk on October 20th (11:00 am MST) about how the commercial space industry will likely evolve over the next five years during the 25th Annual International Mars Society Convention at Arizona State University (Tempe).

As an early-stage investor in more than 50 emerging ventures, including Accion, Kepler, York, Astrobotic, Made in Space, Relativity, and Planet, Mr. Taylor is widely considered one of the most active private space investors in the world.

Mr. Taylor’s technical background, global business experience and passion for space make him a unique figure within his industry. He regularly speaks and writes about the future of the space economy and is sought after by the media for his expertise in the financial aspects of space investing as well as industry dynamics. In addition, Mr. Taylor flew on board Blue Origin’s NS-19 mission into space in December 2021.

He has also had an extensive philanthropic impact on the space industry. In 2017, Mr. Taylor founded the nonprofit and social movement, Space for Humanity, which seeks to democratize space exploration and develop solutions to global issues through the scope of human awareness to help solve the world’s most intractable problems. Additionally, he is the Co-Founding Patron of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, which seeks to promote the growth of commercial space activity.

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