First All-High School Crew Set for MDRS

The Mars Society is pleased to announce the high school students selected to be part of the first all-high school crew participating in a full analog mission at the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in Utah.

Spaceward Bound is part of the Mars Society’s growing K-12 STEM initiative at MDRS, which involves U.S. and international students. The student team was chosen for their personal skills and interests, as well as their ability to fit into a team of Martian explorers.

Designated as Crew 266, the seven-student crew will participate in a Mars analog mission at the MDRS campus from October 24-28, 2022.

Those involved include:

+ Ian Davis, Crew Engineer (Texas, US)

+ Owen Flanagan, Crew Science Communicator (Colorado, US)

+ Charis Adams, Crew Journalist (Idaho, US)

+ Barnabas Pasztor, GreenHab Officer (Hungary)

+ Micah Callaham, HSO (Idaho, US)

+ Riley Nuttycombe, Crew Spacesuit Officer (Colorado, US)

+ Hope Lea, Crew Communications Officer (Florida, US)

The Mars Society and its MDRS management congratulate all of the selected crew members and look forward to this historic analog mission in Utah this fall.