Exploring a Martian Economy at 2024 Mars Society Convention

The Mars Society is pleased to announce that Jonathan Schramm, a financial writer and former biochemist, will present (virtually) a plenary talk titled “Building a Martian Economy” during the 27th Annual International Mars Society Convention this August at the University of Washington in Seattle. Mr. Schramm’s diverse background includes genetic analysis and clinical trials, as well as work in the pharmaceutical and water purification industries. Currently, he focuses on writing and analysis in finance, biotech, technological innovation, energy, and geopolitics…. READ MORE >

Mars Society Presents Red Planet Live Video Podcast

We are pleased to introduce our new Red Planet Live video podcast – a raw, off the cuff look into all things Mars. We will talk with planetary scientists, STEM industry experts, members of academia, and space advocates who all have a deep passion for the Red Planet. Ron Craig will host the show on behalf of the Mars Society, and will lead and moderate tantalizing discussions with our guests every month as we dig into the questions and work being… READ MORE >

CSF Chairman Taber MacCallum to Give Plenary Talk during Mars Society Teleconvention

Taber MacCallum, Chairman of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation (CSF) and co-founder and CTO of World View Enterprises, will give a virtual plenary talk during the 23rd Annual International Mars Society Convention, set for October 15-18. Prior to World View, Mr. MacCallum served as co-founder, CEO and CTO of Paragon Space Development Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of hazardous environment life support equipment. During his tenure at Paragon, Mr. MacCallum served as the CTO and safety officer for Alan Eustace’s world… READ MORE >