NorCal Delivers New Spacesuits & Helmets to MDRS

T minus 7 days until the crew field season begins at the Mars Society’s Mars Desert Research Station in Utah!

NorCal Chapter of the Mars Society continues to refurbish and upgrade our spacesuits for MDRS and its crew members, who carry out important research and field exploration during two-week simulations in the Mars-like terrain of southern Utah.

New to this field season, which begins on September 26th, are the 3-D printed neck rings which are HALF the weight of the last ones, along with the redesigned spacesuits and helmets!

The Mars Society and its MDRS management team, led by Dr. Shannon Rupert, very much appreciate the hard work and professionalism of NorCal and its chapter members in providing every few years new spacesuits and equipment to the station.