Another Reddit AMA with Mars Society Pres. Robert Zubrin

Reddit AMA R/SpaceX Announcement

How to Get to Mars – AMA with Mars Society President Dr. Robert Zubrin – Saturday, June 27th (2:00 pm ET, 18:00 GMT)

We’re pleased to announce that Dr. Robert Zubrin will be returning to r/SpaceX for another AMA on Saturday in conjunction with the Mars Society.

While we’re sure that Dr. Zubrin needs no introduction for most of us here, for those of you who are new, Dr. Zubrin is of course the Mars Society President and one of the organization’s founders since 1998. Earth’s most famous and passionate advocate for Mars, backing that energy with serious engineering knowledge, working on hundreds of space exploration and nuclear tech research papers, including the famous Mars Direct mission!

He has also authored or co-authored over a dozen books, just last year publishing The Case for Space. (My favourite is The Case for Mars, but I highly recommend both books.) Not to mention literally hundreds of interviews on the subject (many available on youtube). Dr. Zubrin has spent his considerable talents towards figuring out exactly how to get to Mars for decades; With SpaceX being created with nearly the sole purpose of getting humanity to Mars, there is a deep shared purpose, with Dr. Zubrin keenly watching SpaceX from the start with as much interest as any of us, even helping shape Musk’s passion for Mars as a destination.

With still some time before the AMA, we recommend checking out last year’s AMA which was a wealth of information. Of course, any of Dr. Zubrin’s books are highly recommended. More recently, there is this 2 parter interview directly about SpaceX, Musk and how they change our path to Mars. Recently he has also penned numerous articles analyzing the lunar Artemis plan which SpaceX has recently become a part of with Dragon XL and Starship HLS contracts in the early stages. Dr. Zubrin also spoke with Musk at Boca Chica as recently as February and wrote about that here. While a week is not enough to read a fraction of Dr. Zubrin’s work, I hope most of you will check some of it out prior to the AMA, it is inspiring stuff!

Looking forward to another solid AMA!