Volunteers Needed for MDRS Work Party in October

The Mars Society is issuing a call for dedicated volunteers to help out during a work party from October 6-12, 2024, at our MDRS – Mars Desert Research Station in southern Utah. A MDRS work party is a refit event that focuses on preparing the station for the upcoming crew field season. All applicants will be provided with transportation from/to Grand Junction, CO and lodging at the station, as well as water, food and Wi-Fi access. Those interested in joining… READ MORE >

Volunteer Opportunity for Virtual Convention

The Mars Society will be convening (virtually) its 24th Annual International Mars Society Convention October 14-17, 2021. Leading experts from the global space community will be discussing the latest news about exploring Mars and plans for a human mission to the Red Planet. We’re looking for a few tech-savvy volunteers to help us with managing aspects of the online four-day conference. If you’re interested in helping out, please contact Carie (cfay@marssociety.org). Thanks!… READ MORE >

Wanted! Mission Support Officers for MDRS

We’re looking for Mission Support (CapCom) staff who are willing to volunteer remotely, giving their time and commitment to assist crews participating in analog missions at the Mars Society’s Mars Desert Research Station in Utah. Apart from the personal reward you will gain from having helped to contribute to space exploration and humanity’s great future achievement of reaching the Red Planet, additional benefits include: * Scholarships for future involvement in a MDRS crew. * Free signed copies of Dr Zubrin’s… READ MORE >

Volunteers Needed @MDRS

Good at carpentry? Love assembling IKEA furniture? Consider volunteering at the Mars Society’s Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in southern Utah this fall to help install new upgrades to the facility’s Hab and Science Dome. Participate in our IKEA work crew from October 22 – 25. If you commit to helping out during the entire session, you’ll be able to stay overnight (3 nights) at MDRS in the crew quarters. Round-trip transportation will be provided from Grand Junction, Colorado to… READ MORE >

Looking for a Few Good Vols!

The Mars Society is looking for a number of responsible volunteers to help support and manage the 22nd Annual International Mars Society Convention, scheduled for October 17-20, 2019 at the University of Southern California (Los Angeles).   All volunteers who participate in the running of the Mars Society convention for at least 10 hours over the course of the four day conference will receive free entrance to the event (not including the Saturday evening banquet).   To register as a… READ MORE >