Wanted! Mission Support Officers for MDRS

We’re looking for Mission Support (CapCom) staff who are willing to volunteer remotely, giving their time and commitment to assist crews participating in analog missions at the Mars Society’s Mars Desert Research Station in Utah.

Apart from the personal reward you will gain from having helped to contribute to space exploration and humanity’s great future achievement of reaching the Red Planet, additional benefits include:

* Scholarships for future involvement in a MDRS crew.

* Free signed copies of Dr Zubrin’s celebrated book, ‘The Case for Mars’.

* Certificate of Participation – great for your CV!

Note: Benefits awarded upon completion of one weekly CapCom shift for a minimum of 4 months

So, if you think you have the ‘Right Stuff’ and would like to become part of history by volunteering for the Mars Society’s MDRS program, just click this link to apply.