Help Wanted: Scientists & Engineers to Enable the Human Settlement of Mars

The Mars Society is founding the Mars Technology Institute (MTI) to develop the technologies and financial engine needed to enable the human settlement of the Red Planet. We anticipate beginning research and development operations on approximately January 2, 2024, and are looking for highly-skilled and hard-working biotechnologists and chemical engineers to join our team. The location of our facility is still being finalized, but it will most likely either be in the Seattle or Denver area. The MTI will offer… READ MORE >

Mars Society to Launch Mars Technology Institute

The Mars Society announced today that it is launching an initiative to create the Mars Technology Institute (MTI), whose purpose will be to develop the technologies needed to settle the Red Planet. Commenting on the project, Mars Society President Dr. Robert Zubrin said: ‚ÄúSpaceX and other entrepreneurial launch companies are already moving rapidly to develop the transportation systems that can get us to the planet Mars. What is needed is an institution devoted to developing the technologies that will allow… READ MORE >