Mars Society Rolls Out New Web Site

Today is the day! The Mars Society is launching its new official web site! After months of hard work by our technical volunteers led by our IT Director, James Burk, we are excited to roll out the new version of our organization’s main web site, located at: www.marssociety.org.

As we are sure you will notice, visitors will have quicker and easier access to our web pages and content. To the point, navigating just got a lot simpler! In addition to a new look, the site is also the most technically clean and best-practices filled platform developed to date by the Mars Society.

Some of the new features include:

  • A new Featured Video section which highlights important video content (such as our new Mars Talk podcast) and quick links to our 200+ annual convention videos on the Mars Society YouTube page.
  • New sub-page layouts for content (e.g.: Dr. Zubrin’s Why Mars? page) and news articles (e.g.: links under News & Announcements section).
  • More options for signing up for our email announcements and social media platforms.
  • All content throughout the site has been reviewed and updated with the latest information. Also all news bulletins since 2015 have been migrated over.
  • The site works on PC, Mac, mobile and other devices and form-factors such as tablets and iPad Pro.
  • The site has been tested on all modern and older browsers that have at least 1% market share of the Internet.
  • Plus additional features such as tag cloud, social media integration, related articles and much more!

This release represents the rollout of a new unified brand and design language across all of the Mars Society’s web assets. We will incorporate this design to our other project and task force web sites over the next 6-12 months, so that we have a fully modernized and integrated web site infrastructure that can effectively provide outreach to our members and the general public.

As part of our new website launch, we have temporarily disabled our Members Area to enable us to make some major upgrades to it. The planned revision is substantial and will offer several new features including enabling our members to self-manage and self-renew their membership, and enabling them to connect & share information with other members and their local chapter(s) instantly.

Rest assured, all our Mars Society members information, including previous username, email address, member ID, chapter/location and all other profile details, have been archived and will be applied to their profiles on the new Members Area.  Also, all content that was available on the previous Members Area is still online and can be found at: https://www.marssociety.org/members-area-update.

The Mars Society extends its gratitude to the many individuals who helped with this redesign, including Shawna Armstrong who created the initial UX design composites and style guide, and everybody who reviewed the test version and sent in bug reports.

We hope you will enjoy our updated web site and welcome any feedback you may have (info@marssociety.org).