UW Prof. David Catling to Speak on Mars Geological History at 2024 Mars Society Convention

The Mars Society is pleased to announce that Dr. David Catling, Professor in the Earth & Space Sciences Department and the Astrobiology Program at the University of Washington (Seattle), will be a plenary speaker at the 27th Annual International Mars Society Convention this August. Dr. Catling’s presentation, “Live Fast, Die Young, and Leave a Red Corpse: The Environmental Evolution of Mars,” will explore the changes in Mars’ environment over its geological history and discuss the potential for life on the… READ MORE >

A Practical Approach to the Mars Sample Return Mission [R.Zubrin]

By Dr. Robert Zubrin, SpaceNews.com, 05.06.24 NASA’s Mars Sample Return (MSR) mission has run aground, wrecked by a $10 billion price estimate, a 16 year timeline and excessive mission and programmatic risk. If the mission is to proceed, a much simpler and cheaper approach must be found. Fortunately, such an approach is available. The current MSR mission plan is so costly, complex, and risky because it has not been approached as a mission to be accomplished as swiftly and cheaply as possible,… READ MORE >