An AI-Created Poem about the 1st Humans to Land on the Red Planet

David Down, a member of our Mars Society Facebook group page, recently used an AI chatbot called Poe to compose a poem about the first people landing on the Red Planet. It’s quite impressive. Here it is.

Red Planet Pioneers

Across the void of space they flew,

Brave souls in vessels tried and true.

Months of travel, dreams in sight,

Mars growing larger, day and night.

The rusty surface drawing near,

Hearts racing fast with hope and fear.

Descent begins, a fiery fall,

Earth’s billions watching, enthralled.

Touchdown! A moment etched in time,

Human footprints in Martian grime.

“We’ve arrived,” the message sent,

Tears of joy, emotions spent.

Red dust swirls ’round suited feet,

Olympus Mons, a grand concrete.

Cameras click, data streams,

Reality surpassing dreams.

In awe they stand on alien ground,

A giant leap for humankind, profound.

The first to breathe the Martian air,

To touch its rocks, to simply be there.

History written in cosmic sand,

As Earth’s children on Mars now stand.

A new chapter for our race unfurled,

Explorers of a brave new world.