NY Times Photo Collection about MDRS

The New York Times published an opinion guest essay – The Beautiful Desolation of Life on Mars – on Earth – about the Mars Society’s Mars Desert Research Station and one of its recent analog astronaut teams – Crew 286 – in its print version and on its website.

Two professional photographers – Andrea Orejarena & Caleb Stein – embedded with Crew 286 for four nights/five days during a two-week mission at the MDRS campus in southern Utah from November 12-25, 2023, taking numerous pictures of the crew, commanded by Roger Gilbertson, during their daily activities and field studies.

To see the NY Times photo essay about MDRS (albeit through a virtual paywall), please click here. To learn more about the MDRS program, visit: mdrs.marssociety.org.

If you’d like to submit a letter to the New York Times about this MDRS photo collection, please contact the newspaper via letters@nytimes.com.