MarsVR Video Update 1

The MarsVR team has released their first Video Update for the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. In this video, James Burk (Director/IT, Mars Society) and Jeff Rainer (CEO MXTReality) talk about the goals for the project and answer some of the questions that have come in.

We have passed four thousand dollars through the support of 46 backers who have pledged at one of the available donation levels. 

MarsVR will deliver a stunning experience to schools, museums, the public and our future space explorers. The goals of the project are to create a high-quality virtual reality simulation of future human exploration of the Red Planet, as a tool for both public outreach within STEM programs in schools and museums and to train analog astronauts at our real-life Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) located in the Utah desert. 

Pledge your support at https://igg.me/at/marsvr/