The 21st Annual International Mars Society Convention

Pasadena Convention Center
300 E Green St
Pasadena, CA 91101

August 23-26, 2018

The four-day International Mars Society Convention brings together leading scientists, engineers, aerospace industry representatives, government policymakers and journalists to talk about the latest scientific discoveries, technological advances and political-economic developments that could help pave the way for a human mission to the planet Mars.

Call for Papers

Presentations for the convention are invited dealing with all matters (science, engineering, politics, economics, public policy, etc.) associated with the exploration and settlement of Mars. Abstracts of no more than 300 words should be sent by June 30, 2018 to: The Mars Society, 11111 W. 8th Ave. unit A, Lakewood, CO 80215 or via email to: abstracts@marssociety.org . (e-mail submission preferred.)

Convention Registration

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Convention Schedule

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Parking Map

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Conference Flyer

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Conference Sessions

  1. The Question of Life on Mars
  2. Latest Findings from the Mars Probes
  3. Plans for the Missions of 2018 and Beyond
  4. Concepts for Future Robotic Mars Missions
  5. Plans for Human Mars Missions
  6. Advanced Propulsion
  7. Launch Vehicles for Mars Exploration
  8. Long Range Mobility on Mars
  9. Life Support and Biomedical Factors
  10. Human Factors and Crew Composition
  11. In-situ Resource Utilization
  12. Habitat construction & industrial infrastructure
  13. Martian agriculture.
  14. The First Martians, a permanent base on Mars
  15. Terraforming – Creating an Ecology for Mars
  16. How Martian technology can help life on Earth
  17. Technologies for reaching for the stars
  18. Analog Studies Relating to Mars Exploration
  19. The Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station
  20. The Mars Desert Research Station
  21. The One Way Mission to Mars
  22. Rovers, robots, aircraft, and mobile agents.
  23. Entrepreneurial Approaches to Mars Missions
  24. The benefits of Space Exploration.
  25. The Moon: Way Station to Mars?
  26. Planetary Protection: Necessity or Fraud?
  27. International cooperation and agencies
  28. Law, Governance, and social systems for Mars
  29. Why Mars?
  30. Mission Ethics: Is safety an option?
  31. Educating the next generation of Marsnauts
  32. The DSG: Breakthrough or Boondoggle?
  33. Political Action for Mars Exploration
  34. Chapter tools and outreach strategies
  35. Proposed Projects for the Mars Society
  36. University Rover Challenge
  37. Religion, Philosophy, and Space Exploration
  38. The Two-Person Mars Flyby Mission.
  39. Phobos and Deimos: Mars Moon Landings
  40. Achieving cheap access to space.


The Pasadena Convention Conter is located in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, and may be reached via Los Angeles international airport (LAX) or Burbank Airport (BUR).

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