2021 Virtual Convention – YouTube Videos

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Plenary Sessions

Dr. Robert Zubrin, President, The Mars Society – Reaching Mars this Decade

Bruce Banerdt, NASA JPL – Mars InSight Mission Update

Omran Sharaf, Project Manager – UAE Mars Hope Mission Update

Vera Mulyani, CEO & Founder, Mars City Design – The Future Alchemists

Dr. Nathaniel Putzig, Planetary Science Institute – Exploring for Underground Ice on Mars

Dr. David Poston, SpaceNukes – Space Nuclear Power

Dr. Karl Stapelfeldt, NASA Scientist – Search for Exoplanets with Telescopes

Alfredo Munoz – Digital twins of Martian Cities as a new frontier for Space Analogs

How China’s exploration ambitions are helping to shape the future of future of Mars exploration – Dr. Joseph Michalski

Maria Antonietta Perino, Thales Alenia Space – ExoMars Mission Update

Jim Green, NASA Chief Scientist – Ingenuity and the future of Flying on the Red Planet

Teddy Tzanetos – NASA-JPL Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Operations Lead – Mission Update

Dr. Katie Stack Morgan, NASA-JPL Perseverance Deputy Project Scientist – Mission Update

Dr. Michael Hecht, NASA-JPL, Principal Investigator – MOXIE Project Update

Penelope Boston, NASA Ames Research Center – Astrobiology by any other Name

Dr. Greg Autry, Arizona State University – COMSTAC duties; commercial spaceflight

Patrick Rennie & Fabrizio Bernardini, British Interplanetary Society – Engineering for Mars

Anastasiya Stepanova, IBMP Moscow, Researcher – Preparation of humans for deep space flights

Current Biological Research at the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) Shannon Rupert, Director, Mars Desert Research Station

MDRS Crew 245 – Mars Analog Experience at MDRS (Moderated by Ron Craig – Host, Red Planet Live podcast)

Pam Melroy, Deputy Administrator, NASA – NASA’s Path to Mars

Dr. Charles Cockell, University of Edinborough – Engineering a Free Mars

Dr. Carol Stoker, NASA-Ames – Finding Life on Mars

Dr. Paul Davies, Arizona State University – What is Life?

Dr. Chris McKay, NASA-Ames – Terraforming Mars

Dr. Steven Benner & Jan Spacek, Astrobiology Group – How SpaceX Could Find Life on Mars

Dylan Taylor, Founder, Space for Humanity & CEO, Voyager – Opening Space for Humanity

Dr. Bernard Foing – EuroMoonMars highlights, instruments, field campaigns

MarsVR – James Burk & Jeff Rayner

Occupy Mars – Jacek Wyszyński

Million On Mars – Erik Bethke

Live broadcast with AMADEE-20 Mars Sim Staff (Austria & Israel)

Dr. Sara Seager – MIT – Biosignatures in Venusian Atmosphere

Barbara Belvisi, CEO, Interstellar Lab – Sustainable Space Settlement

Jim Cantrell, Phantom Space – Achieving Economic Space Launch

Dr. Setthivoine You, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, Helicity Space – Fusion Powered Helicity Drive

Evan Plant-Weir, Co-Founder, Mars Society Canada, & Senior Blog Writer, The Mars Society

Vandi Verma, Chief Engineer, NASA-JPL Rover Robotics Operations – Driving Curiosity & Perseverance

Dr. Henrik Hargitai, NASA Ames Researcher – Mapping the Planet Mars

José M. Hernández, Former NASA Astronaut & CEO, Tierra Luna Engineering

Dr. Elizabeth Turtle, NASA-JPL, Principal Investigator – Titan Dragonfly Mission

Kolemann Lutz, Bruce MacKenzie, Jekan Thanga – Mars University

Dr. Robert Zubrin, Founder & President, The Mars Society – Closing Remarks

Track Sessions

TA-1 The Raymer Manned Mars Airplane

TA-3 Mars Transit Direct

TA-4 The role of AI in the space industry and Mars

TA-5 Five Ecological Principles for In Situ Resource Utilization on Mars to support Colonization and Terraforming

TA-6 The Critical Mission Sequence for Mars

TA-8 Design Choices for the GreenHab

TA-9 The InstaBase Concept

TA-10 Silkworms as an Industrial Organism for Martian Biosystems

TB-2 Investigating possible surface liquid water activity on Mars using Earth-based Mud Volcano analogues.

TB-5 Update on Mars Direct 3.0

TB-6 Mars (Global Power) Grid – Offering Sufficient Energy

TB-7 Borebots: Unlocking Subglacial Lake Access in the Mars South Polar Layered Deposits

TB-8 Technology-enabled Robotic Exploration (TREX)

TB-9 The Martian Global City as the First Ecumenopolis

MD-2 Providing for the Medical Needs of a Growing Base

MD-3 A Countermeasure for Long-Duration Space Expeditions to Minimize Effects of Social Isolation and Latency Delays Between Astronauts and Their Family and Close Friends Using Time-Shifting Communication

MD-5 Mars and COVID-19: The psychological effects

MD-6 Kymira: Astronaut Physiological Health Monitoring Using Smart Underlayer Garment.

MD-7 Neurosurgical procedures possible to carry out in zero gravity or micro gravity or at Mars

MD-8 Evaluation of the production of Haematococcus pluvialis, Chlorella sp. and Arthrospira maxima as an alternative source of protein and antioxidants for the production of food and oxygen for space travelers in exploration rovers

MD-9 The case for space sexology

MD-10 Synthetic Biology for Gene editing of edible plants to thrive on the Red Planet: A study on Moringa on Mars.

O-1 Space Boot Camp (A Novelty Space Project)

O-2 The Science Fiction connection to Mars

O-3 A Martian Literary Project: Mission 1/2021, Unveiling a Parallel

O-5 Imagining the Journey: The Significant Role for Science-Fiction in Reaching Mars Successfully

O-6 Why Become a Mars Society Ambassador? Q&A

O-7 Training High School Tiger Teams of Junior Astrosociolists, Astronauts, Engineers, Scientists and Pilots for Simulated Mars Missions.

O-8 The Mars Leap – An immersive Mars museum

O-10 Can we grow food using Martian soil?

TC-1 Mars Aquaponics System

TC-3 A Brief History of Sound on Mars

TC-4 The Challenge of Mars EVA suits

TC-5 Restoration and Maintenance of Essential Atmosphere Exploits Megastructure

TC-6 Mars Research Operations Habitat

TC-7 The Initiative for Martian Hemp Industrialization (I.M.H.I.)

TC-8 Water, water, water on Mars

TC-9 A thermochemical approach to convert Martian CO2 and water to sugars

TD-1 Resource Utilization technology for sustainable development

TD-2 Insight – From First Landing to Cities

TD-3 FlexSail – Solar Sails and Tech Revolutions

TD-4 Communication Technologies in Mars Missions

TD-6 Indian Mars Program

TD-8 Satellite Communication Channels for Mars Missions

AM-1 Team adaptation in space analogue contexts: How Antarctica teams deal with unexpected events that threaten performance

AM-2 MDRS Crew 261’s Innovative Mars Analog Experiments

AM-3 Machine Learning Algorithms to Study Behavior in Space Analogs: Leadership Example

AM-4 Mars Ocean Analogs: How Voyages at Sea Provide Valuable Human Factors Data For Mars Missions

AM-5 Endurability to Habitability: A study to create a Biologically Reliable Integration and Design for Ground Environment and Space (BRIDGES) for human spaceflight

AM-6 Improved cycloidal gear design in Mars rover analogue

AM-7 Design for a Low-Cost & Off-the-Shelf Analogue Research Hab in Extreme Environments

AM-8 A data analysis of the first hermetic seal of SAM–a hi-fidelity, hybrid physicochemical and bioregenerative human habitat analog at the Biosphere 2

AM-9 Physical preparation of analog astronauts in Habitat Marte

AM-10 Mining in space analog habitats

PA-2 Space Archaeology in Mars: Anthropological aspect of Humans as a Multiplanetary Species in 2050

PA-3 Seek Democracy on Mars

PA-4 Martian Countries: Why They are Inevitable

PA-8 The Martian Papers: A framework for thinking and discourse on Martian Governance

PA-9 Mars City State Design for 1,000,000 Population: An Integrated Model-based Approach towards Martian Settlements

PA-10 Habitat on Mars – Architectural Design for Future Settlements

TE-2 The need for speed in Space Power Electronics

TE-3 Semi-Cycling and the Martian Export Market

TE-4 Astronaut Assimilation of and Propagation of Micro Algae for Life Support

TE-6 Martian Paraterraforming

TE-7 Large Scale Colonization Ship

TE-8 Understanding the Surface Modifications at Landing Site due to Spacecraft Landing on Mars

TE-10 Design of Xors Moon Base

TF-2 Astronomy On Mars

TF-5 A spinning toroidal gravity facility for mars.

TF-7 Walking on Mars: A Pathway to a Martian Space Suit

TF-8 Improved rocker-bogie suspension block

TF-9 Xenotrophic gastronomy: fine dining on Mars

PB-1 The Two Plots Problem: Dealing with Death and Crime in a Martian Colony

PB-2 Mars, Terra nullius

PB-4 Sicut in Caelo et in Marte: Implementing a Catholic Diocese of Mars

PB-5 Saint John’s Newfoundland – historical example of settlement

PB-7 The Martian Papers: Defining Mars for the purposes of a Martian constitution

PB-8 Toward a Martian Trade Economy

PB-9 Jewell: Moon/Mars Academy

PB-10 Proposal for Interhuman Space Immigration Corporation ISIC

XA-1 20 years of European Mars Conference (EMC)

XA-2 Raise your Voice – Comms, Before, During and After Mars

XA-3 Building experiences in the Lava Cave Habitat space analog

XA-4 Modify MDRS Layout to Resemble the NMES Configuration within Lunar Lava Tubes (LLTs)

XA-5 Land Rights and a Centralized Mars Database

XA-6 Leveraging Mars to solve immediate problems on Earth

XA-7 The Institute for Terraforming Earth and Mars (ITEM)

XA-8 Who’s Winning the Moon Race—and Why it Matters for Mars

XA-9 Evaporite Minerals Characterization of Martian Ritchey Crater using CRISM Hyperspectral Data

XA-10 Open Discussion on New Visionary Mars Projects

TG-1 Challenges and opportunities for passive, practical agriculture on Mars.

TG-3 Mechanical Energy Storage System – An alternative of batteries on Mars

TG-4 Autonomous And Sentient Droid (Paldroid) To Assist Space Crews During Long Haul Journey To Mars

TG-5 Bio-Inspired Soft Robot for Mars Exploration

TG-6 Mars Settlement with SpaceX Starships

TG-7 Modeling of a positioning system for astronauts on Mars

TG-8 Autonomous Geomatics for Mars Exploration and Settlement

TG-9 Astronaut Assisted Mobility Surface Explorer (AAMSE) for Mars

TG-10 Mars Farming Viability

XB-1 Self Heating Living Bio Shelter Organism for Mars

XB-2 Algae on Martian Regolith Simulant as Fertilizer for Life Support

XB-3 Heinz: Why Art in Space?

XB-4 Smart Impact-Assisted Rapid Construction for Space Colonization

XB-5 Mars Colonist Candidate Selection & Training

XB-7 Appendicitis Considerations in Long-Term Space Travel