Senior Management
Dr. Robert Zubrin, President
Lucinda Offer, Executive Director
Michael Stoltz, Director, Development, & Director, Media & Public Relations
Nicole Willett, Director, Education
Dr. Shannon Rupert, Director & Program Manager, MDRS Mission
Joseph Palaia, Director, FMARS Mission
Kevin Sloan, Director, University Rover Challenge
James Burk, Webmaster & IT Director
Carie Fay, Director, Administration

Public & Educational Outreach
Michael Stoltz, Director, Media & Public Relations
Nicole Willett, Director, Education
James Burk, Webmaster & IT Director
Florence Maisch, Director, Volunteers
Nora Hovee, Coordinator, Chapters
Michael Stoltz, Editor, The Mars Quarterly
Kerri Miller, Deputy Editor, The Mars Quarterly
Jason Rhian, Staff Writer
Mike Killian, Staff Writer
Fern Decena, Consultant, Social Media
Frank Crossman, Chief Archivist
Kris Doelling, Editor, Mars Papers

Chapters and International Coordinators
North America

Michael Stoltz, Coordinator, Midwest Region
Zak Gowen, Coordinator, Northwest Region
(Appointment Pending), Coordinator, Northeast Region
(Appointment Pending), Coordinator, Southeast Region
(Appointment Pending), Coordinator, Southwest Region


Lukasz Wilczynski, Coordinator, Europe
Carli Oliver Beeli, Coordinator, Asia
Alejandro R. Diaz, Coordinator, Latin America
(Appointment Pending), Coordinator, Pacific Rim & Australia
(Appointment Pending), Coordinator, Africa

Mars Desert Research Station Management
Dr. Shannon Rupert, Director/ Program Manager, MDRS
Dr. Robert Zubrin, President of the Mars Society
Dr. Jonathan Clarke, Director of Crew Research
Dr. Peter Detterline, Director of Observatories/Astronomy Team Coordinator
Scott Davis and NorCal Chapter, Spacesuits
Vacant, GreenHab Crew Coordinator
Dr. Shannon Rupert, GreenHab Manager
Kay Wolfe, M.Sc., CapCOM Training Manager
Gael Mariani, CapCOM Trainer/Scheduling Manager
Bernard Dubb, CapCOM Trainer/IT Manager
Michael Stoltz, Liaison, Media & Public Relations
James Burk, Webmaster & IT Director, The Mars Society
Susan Holden, MBA, JD, Steering Committee Member & Chair, Marspedia Governing Council
Kay Radzik Warren, Advisor at Large

Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station Management
Dr. Robert Zubrin, Lead
Joseph Palaia, Mission Director
Michael Stoltz, Liaison, Media & Public Relations

FMARS Climate Research Group
Susan Holden Martin, MBA, J.D., EU-INTERACT Station Manager
Dr. Ghassem R. Asrar, Co-Chair
Dr. Bruno D.V. Marino, Co-Chair

FMARS Research Design & Architecture
Dr. Chris McKay
Dr. Alexander Kumar

FMARS Technical Assistance
Peter Lert