The 14th Annual International Mars Society Convention

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The 14th Annual International Mars Society Convention was held in Dallas, TX in August 2011.

Here are some of the materials from the convention:

Mars Papers Archive
Visit the website for abstracts and full text search of all papers submitted to the Mars Society conventions.

Plenary & Session videos on our Youtube channel:
VASIMR Debate/The VASIMR Hoax - Dr. Robert Zubrin
University Rover Challenge - Kevin Sloan
Minimum One Way Program for Mars - Bruce Mackenzie
Transorbital Railroad - Dr. Robert Zubrin
Propellant Delivery to Orbit in Support of Mars Exploration with Hydrogen Gas Guns - Dr. John Hunter
GEMS - Bruce Banerdt
Dr. Paul Davies - 14th International Mars Society Convention
Mars Colonization in Online Media - Dr. Ian O'Neill 
Space Nuclear Power Panel
Initial Challenges for a Human Settlement Panel
Space and Media Panel
X-Ray Pulsar Navigation (XNAV) for Missions to Mars (M2M) - Gary V. Stevenson
Orbital Energy Management - Kurt Nebergall
Martian Air Pressure "Higher than Advertised"
What's for Dinner on Mars? - Dr. Jean Hunter
Mars Greenhouse Projects - Dr. Melanie Correll
Dr. Robert Zubrin - Closing Remarks 
Full Youtube Playlist