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Historic Winter Crossing of Antarctica to Serve as Mars Analog Study

posted Oct 4, 2012, 3:11 PM by M Stoltz
Mars Society News, 10.04.12

The Mars Society and 'White Mars' organizers will partner in disseminating details from the Trans-Antarctic Winter Traverse's Mars analog research.

A new research project capable of greatly expanding mankind’s knowledge and understanding of Mars analog studies and possible implications for a humans-to-Mars mission was announced recently in the United Kingdom.  The project, to be known as ‘White Mars’, will use a historic 2,000 mile trans-Antarctic winter expedition as an outdoor laboratory to test how extreme and remote environments affect human physiology, providing important insight into the challenge of sending humans to the Red Planet.

The Standard Chartered Trans-Antarctic Winter Traverse (TAWT) is scheduled to take place between December 2012 and March 2014.  Consisting of a six person international crew, the expedition will carry out human science testing across the southern continent during the harsh winter months.  TAWT would represent not only the first research of its kind in using a polar trek as a Mars analog environment, but also provide one of the most reliable space analog studies to date. 

To read the full announcement, please click here.

[Image: A.Kumar]